Innovative Oppotunities
All details are on their places

The need of many businesses for a non-bank reliable and recognized solution that grant fair credit to them, as led to the Kislev Financial. we provides credit to business, and the customers enjoys Steady and hold the back of the group as a whole. Our portfolio includes hundreds of business customers, who has returned following a successful trial of Previous transactions.

Future Finance
We look ahead

Credit activity is intended to provide the basis for health and calculated business growth. Kislev Group is here to empower And strengthen ahead of tomorrow’s business world.

Your business plan is our service
Personal service, advice and fairness

Professionalism in finance begins with accurate understanding of the needs of the customer and identifying the optimal response for it. Kislev Financial is on the side of the customers all along, the goal is to be a tool for success Business and profit together.

Who we are?

Kislev Financial

Founded in 1986 by zvika greenberg, the kislev group initially focused on international shipments. as its success grew, the company expanded into other sectors: logistics, commissions and customs, real estate and particularly the auto sector. Today, the kislev group is one of the leading groups in the Israeli sector, following its merger with schnapp and the sky fund, as well as the acquisition of alliance. the group also incorporates Israeli manufacturing. With those successful business landmark the kislev group aim to extend it´s knowledge and financial stability to other growing businesses.


The kislev group, which includes kislev financing, is looking to the future. Credit activity is designed to provide businesses with a basis for healthy, calculated business growth. the kislev group is here to provide empowerment and reinforcement for tomorrow’s business world.

Flexibility and collateral

Kislev Finances offers long- and medium-term credit, allowing you to plan a stable cash flow as well as activities without surprises (e.g. lowering the credit frame that occurs in banks – does not exist in kislev). Want to repay credit early? this can be done without a fee. Credit is not part of the bank obligo or an obstacle in obtaining further credit from the banking system.

The best options

what you get
Lowest Interest

Kislev Finance offers lower interest rates in comparison to external banking systems and allows you to enjoy convenient and economical credit.

Credit - the short way

Credit approval process is simple, fast and professional. Process Does not include credit committees or long and complex certificate chain.

Flexibility and collateral

We show flexibility and creativity and offer a range of solutions which are not in the banking system.